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Welcome To

The Trust Factor

A group experience for coaches who want to help their clients (and themselves) heal at

a whole new level.



Do you have a desire to go deeper than the mindset work?

Do you wish you could offer your clients a whole new level of healing?

Do you suspect that you could benefit from some deeper healing work on yourself as well, but have no idea where to start?


Don't worry. Your intuition brought you to the exact-right place.


The Trust Factor is a five-month group healing and coaching experience to help coaches like you learn a foundation of energy healing skills, heal yourself at a vibrational level, and embrace the frequency of Trust in your life and business.

Does This Sound Like You? 

You’re already doing transformational work but you feel a calling to expand your intuitive gifts and go deeper with your clients.


You’re probably very intuitive and/or empathic and at least a part of you LOVES all things woo-woo and spiritual. Maybe you’re fascinated by psychics, mediums, and healers and have suspected that you’re gifted too, but haven’t given yourself an opportunity yet to trust your gifts or use them in your business because you don’t know where to start.


You love what you do, and you’re good at it, but there’s a part of you that wants to go even deeper with your clients, a part of you that wants to Trust yourself with the ability to help others heal on an emotional/mental/physical and spiritual level. And admittedly, there's a part of you that needs to heal on a deeper level too

But how do you know if you ARE a healer?

Well, the good news is that WE’RE ALL HEALERS.

It’s just a matter of who is brave enough to Trust it and use it to help themselves and their clients expand to what's truly possible in life and business. 

TRUST is the key to healing and manifestation and it's the only true magic bullet
in life and business no matter what all the other gurus say.


Hi, I'm Ashley Rainsbarger

I’m a certified transformational coach and Reiki Master who specializes in emotional intelligence and quantum healing. I've made six-figures selling transformational services to people who are craving a deeper experience of love and joy in their life and business. My clients often say that coaching with me for a few months helped them heal so much more deeply than YEARS of therapy.


The truth is coaching is very natural for me and so is using my healing gifts, even before I was ever conscious of using them. I’ve figured out it’s because there’s one thing I’m strong at that I have found the majority of other people are not: TRUST. 


I have a deep and profound Trust in my ability to create what I desire, in other people to support me and create what they desire, and in my higher power to open doors for all of us on the way. 


Suffering is mostly caused by a lack of trust in self, others, or God/the Universe (or whatever you call him/her/it).


And healing suffering, from my perspective, is simply the act of building that Trust.


This is an invitation, or you could say a calling, to help you learn not only the actual skills, but also build a huge amount of internal Trust in your ability to heal yourself and others on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

You may not be great at this Trust thing yet, but the good news is that it's a SKILL you can learn so long as you're willing to practice it again and again.

Here's The Scoop When Mixing Science + Energy Work

All the woo-woo stuff has a scientific explanation, we just haven't connected all of the dots yet. But we've come a long way! 

What I'm going to teach you in The Trust Factor is no longer considered new age spiritual mumbo-jumbo in the world of quantum physics.

What you’ll learn with me is that humanity is finally understanding on a scientific level that the energy behind our INTENTIONS is what creates physical reality. 


You don’t have to be a brainyack or memorize any major scientific stuff, but I will show you the technical aspects of how and why it works (as far as we know so far) so you can more deeply believe in it yourself, and help your clients believe in it too from a logical perspective.

You might be noticing online that people are becoming more spiritually open than EVER before and ready to practice "woo-woo" personal development skills in order to manifest their desires.

There has never been a better time to start coming out of the spiritual closet, learning these skills and mixing them with your coaching practice. The Trust Factor is a powerful introduction to doing the deep inner personal healing work and understanding how to help your clients do the same.

What kind of content will we cover?

This experience always leads us to really amazing and beautiful places depending on your questions and observations, but we will definitely touch on: the truth about Trust and how to practice it more in your life and business,  inner child healing, quantum healing 101, Chakras 101, self-healing practices, hands-on healing, distance healing, daily energy techniques to help you feel lighter and brighter, and introducing healing work in your coaching sessions to help you go deeper with your clients.

Am I welcome if I’m religious or of a certain political party?

I teach love and understanding for ALL. No exceptions.


I have my own opinions about what is “right” vs “wrong” just like all humans do. BUT I don’t care what God you pray to or whether or not you voted for a particular president or whether or not you think we should wear masks, or if you're liberal or if you're a conservative etc. and I will not tolerate conversations that take us down a destructive or divisive path.


Quite frankly, I'm not into all the labeling and I wish people would stop putting themselves into all these boxes.


WE WILL discuss why it’s so important to love ALL if we truly want to embody what we teach, and how we can practice that love through our boundaries.


We will explore our own spiritual paths and why/how we ended up in the present moment. So an open-mind and willingness to explore your beliefs is a must! We are all very different, so being open-minded enough to hear the stories and beliefs of others even though it doesn't jive with yours... is also a must.


You are a divine being with divine gifts put on this Earth to have fun and help others. If you believe THAT - then you are welcome here.

Will there be “hands-on” practice?

Absolutely. Consistent practice is how we expand our gifts. You’ll be asked to practice on yourself, on friends and/or family, in class if you're with us live, and eventually on practice clients. If you're not willing to do the work, do not apply for this class. Practice is required for certification.

What about my personal healing?

Part of this journey means going deeper with yourself so you can go deeper with those you serve. In fact, it can be harmful to your clients if you haven’t started with healing yourself first. You’ll learn and practice self-healing in the form of intentional journaling, daily energy techniques, and visualization through meditation. You’ll also heal by participating and listening to the conversations in class and simply practicing the act of Trust more in your daily life. A TON of healing will occur whether you intend it to or not and usually in ways you don't expect. It's not all sunshine, either.  Growth can often be quite uncomfortable and painful as it is asking you to face and accept the shadow part of yourself.

Will there be any training on marketing so I can sell my services? 


Here’s the thing about business: it’s also a practice of Trust. 


Marketing your healing gifts is no different than marketing what you already do in your service provider business. In order to create clients we must simply be visible to our audience in a consistent manner, share a consistent loving message, offer our services, and Trust the right people will show up. 


My gut tells me if you’re asking this, you probably already KNOW what to do as far as marketing. You just haven’t trusted yourself to do it, or to do it consistently. Or you’ve gotten lost in the sea of people telling you HOW to do it “right”. 


My hope is that this process will help you to Trust your inner guidance more so that you can show in your business in a way that feels good to YOU with less worry about doing it “the right way” or the way others do it. 


I know from experience, the more you Trust yourself in your business, the more abundance will open up to you. 


With that being said, I’m full of knowledge, have created many 4-figure clients, and am happy to help you do the same. Just know that this won’t be our main focus. 


Your investment in this program will give you access to me and you're free to ask any questions regarding what you're working through in life and business. I'm here to answer anything and offer my experience and knowledge. 


When/where/how will I be supported on this journey?


This is a virtual experience and there are 2 ways to experience The Trust Factor:


Level One means that you work at your own pace. You'll get weekly emails telling you exactly what to do, short weekly trainings, access to recorded LIVE classes, and lifetime access to The Trust Factor community where you're free to interact with us, ask questions, and celebrate all wins that are occurring in your life and business. It's basically like the experience of a really cool online membership for coaches and healers where you're totally free to be your weird self.


Level 2 means you get ALL of the above PLUS a seat in our live group healing and coaching sessions with me on Zoom for at least 5 months. This is a small group only and you want to be sure to ask me if seats are available.

While the course material will be delivered through a recorded platform, live class time for practice and discussion occurs Thursdays from 12-2PM CDT, three time a month for a period of 5 months. (If you're in level one you get to watch all classes but if you're Level 2 you get to be there with us on the call to receive group coaching support. Regardless of the level you have LIFETIME access to me and other members in the community)


At Level 2 will be expected to show up with the camera on and actively participate. However, recordings will be available afterwards whenever you're not able to attend class.

As far as personal support, ALL STUDENTS have the ability to send me text/voice messages on the Voxer app anytime for personal questions/concerns/coaching related to life and business.


I want to keep our experience intimate and you will not be in this alone. If you are willing to receive support, I am here to give it.

What’s the end goal? You'll get:


You’ll be certified in Reiki 1 (hands on healing) and 2 (distance healing)  so you’ll be able to heal self and others in an in-person or virtual  setting. You'll also learn to work with the Reiki symbols to help heal others. The foundation of this work is Reiki, but we will go deeper.


You’ll be able to explain and trust how energy healing works not only on a spiritual level, but a scientific one as well. You'll have a knowlege base to help your clients understand why this works and create better results no matter WHAT you help them to accomplish.


A deeper understanding and Trust of your own spiritual gifts and connection with your higher power so you may move forward in life and business more easily. My intention is for you to come out of this fully embracing ALL OF YOU and craving more of a connection to your deep inner wisdom and the connection you have with your creator.

This is a foundation of Reiki, yes, but what you’re truly getting is an understanding that goes beyond Reiki and quite honestly, beyond what traditional Reiki teachers in the West would give you an opportunity to explore.


No one will teach you energy healing the way that I do.

What if I’m nervous about coming out of the spiritual closet or using my gifts and practicing these skills on other people?

I totally get it, as I felt the same when I began my healing journey and didn’t use energy work for a while even after I was certified. There is absolutely no pressure to “come out” of the spiritual closet or practice healing for money, or integrate this into your coaching until you are absolutely ready, even if that’s long after class is over. Some of my students take this class for fun and personal development and never use it in business.


That is your choice and your journey and I’m here to support whatever that looks like for you. Just keep in mind, in order to achieve certification with me, you must be willing to practice your gifts before class is over.


Often this can be with family, friends, or other students in the class. You can offer sessions for free and be honest with your clients that you’re just beginning.

Is this a “real” certification?


Traditionally speaking, to be certified in Reiki means a Reiki Master (like myself, who was trained by another Master) recognizes the time and energy you (the student) put into learning and practicing the art of Reiki. And that means you are certified by me through my teaching.

What if I already have a certification in Reiki? 


I've had several coaches and/or healers say to me they were not satisfied with their Reiki training. They felt like it didn't go "deep" enough. I suggest you listen to your intuition and still consider signing up for this class. Yes, certain information will feel like a review, but mostly you might get a deeper experience of what it means to embody the frequency of Trust in your life and business.

What are students in The Trust Factor saying

about this experience?


Sarah T.

The Trust Factor is a great space to put clock time into practicing trusting your own sense of things, and exploring what is possible. If you find yourself looking out there more than looking "in here" for what to do next, I definitely recommend hanging out with Ashley in this experience. If you are new to healing or energy work and are curious, absolutely go for it! Putting our attention on trust together can help move mountains internally the way no single external strategy ever could.


Amber J.

The Trust Factor is a great program for learning more about working with energy and how energy creates blocks in our healing and personal development. Gaining a deeper understanding of this helped me by bringing my limiting beliefs to light and learning how to work with them in a different way. I was also able to apply this to clients and have loved incorporating Reiki into my practice. The experience deepened my level of Trust in myself and the Universe! I feel like I can handle challenges with greater ease and understanding from participating in this class.


Maryna M.

The Trust Factor is for you if you're a newbie in healing work, if you'd like to have laser-focused set of steps to heal yourself and add a healing element for your coaching practice. I personally love Ashley's style of creating judgment free zone and holding space for you to gradually grow and find your trust in yourself, others and your higher power. Highly recommend this program for any coach, expert, wellness practitioner to reconnect with who you are and extrapolate your growth to serve your clients.


April J.

This program changed my life. I was a struggling coach for years and discovered that I had so much inner healing that needed to be done. Energy work has changed everything. I identified so much about how I was holding onto emotions, pain, and traumas all my life that was preventing me to be the coach that I wanted to be. I was able to work through them and release them. As a result, I have a thriving career. The one that I've been wanting for so long. Ashley is an incredible teacher and coach. If you are at all interested in energy work for your personal and/or professional life, then you must enroll into this program. I guarantee that you will NOT regret your decision.


Heather M.

The Trust Factor has helped me in so many ways and quite honestly it's the most perfect name! Trust has been one of the main benefits I have gained from the program. Trust in myself. Trust in my intuition. Trust in my own abilities. Becoming certified in Reiki was the added benefit and I'm grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of this group.

I'm so in! What's the investment?



LIFETIME Access to all the course material, recorded classes, and Trust Factor Community. Access to text/voice coaching with Ashley for 5 months, Reiki 1 & 2 Certification when practice sessions are completed. Keep in mind official certification will be sent once balance is paid in full. Remaining balance can be paid at any time.

$97 A Month for 12 Months


Level TWO: LIVE GROUP CLASSES 3 TIMES A MONTH for at least 5 Months

Everything in Level One PLUS live classes with Ashley and a small group of other wonderful coaches/healers on the same journey  3 times a month.

$197 a Month for 12 Months


Level Two BONUS = Level Two PLUS  SESSION With Ashley

All the benefits of Level Two PLUS over a $300 discount PLUS ONE individual coaching + healing session with Ashley on any struggle of your choosing.

$2,000 One Time Charge Paid In Full

The only other investment I require you to make is a subscription to GAIA tv.

I believe it runs about $15 a month. Some of our material will come from there and the content offers so much value for you as you continue on the spiritual journey. There will be suggested reading material as well, but nothing you have to purchase for class. I am not an affiliate.


What now?

Ready to Jump In?  - - - > YAY! I'm so excited you feel a calling to do this work and I can't wait to know you better. Message me directly, tell me what option you prefer, and I'll send you a link to get started TODAY. - - - > https://www.facebook.com/coachashleyrainsbarger

Leaning towards yes but have questions? That's okay too. Message me directly and let's talk about it.

I can’t possibly express in words how excited I am to serve you in this way. Thank you for trusting me.