Why You Feel Depleted and How to Feel Nourished

We are ultimately spiritual beings with unlimited potential.

BUT we live in a physical human body that is limited, and even more so limited because of the traumas our mind/body/soul has suffered.

And that means we need boundaries to protect our energy in order to not CONTINUE to be traumatized.

We can’t just go around giving our energy away to every sad soul who can feel how loving, compassionate, and empathetic we are.

Money, for example, is one of those energetic boundaries.

If you’re giving away a lot of yourself for just a little amount of money - it means you don’t have strong boundaries, you’re not protecting your energy, and you’re giving away more than you are receiving.

You are becoming depleted.

And that means you can’t give as much as you would like to the people, the projects, the causes you ultimately care most about. And often this causes you to deplete others as well.

In ANY relationship - whether it’s with money, your spouse, your clients, your business etc. you must determine if you are receiving as much as you’re giving.

THIS is what is truly meant by balance.

(P.S. - This is not necessarily true with children who are not responsible for nourishing their parents, and parents must be responsible for nourishing themselves)

Do you feel tired, exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious a lot of the time?

Get out your journal or your voice memo - ask and answer these questions for yourself:

- - - > What is it that I need in this relationship with _____ to feel more nourished?

- - - > Is ______ capable of giving back what I need? What boundary am I willing to set in this relationship?

- - - > Where else in my life could I be more responsible for nourishing myself?

- - - > What kinds of nourishment do I often struggle to ask for or receive and why?

Nourishment put simply...is CONNECTION with people, with your spirit, and with your body.

Lack of nourishment is a lack of life-force energy. Connection is what fuels everything good in life.

I’m currently going through a period in my own life where I resonate deeply with everything I’ve shared here, and my hope is that it will help you too.

What makes you feel nourished? How often do you ask yourself this question and allow yourself to receive it?

XOXO Ashley R.

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