What Leaders Don't Want to Admit? Highly Conscious Leaders Still Feel Like Garbage Sometimes.

Here’s something few want to admit out loud in the coaching space:

- - - - - > You can do personal development and healing work for years, you can be an awakened conscious human… and STILL wake up one day feeling like a total pile of garbage.

How do I know?

1. Because today I feel like garbage. No reason in particular, self-doubt is just the energy of the day.

2. I see it happen all the time to my clients who are amazing women leaders - and just as invested in their personal growth and transformation as I am.

“But Ashley, how can you be an emotional intelligence coach and admit that out loud? Won’t it hurt your business? Won’t people trust your skills less? Doesn’t that mean you don’t have your emotions in check??? THE AGONY!”

If someone ever really said that to me out loud (and no one ever will because it’s just a figment of my stressed imagination) I’m finally at a place in my growth and my business where I can respond, “of course not, silly.”

Because emotional freedom- by way of emotional intelligence, doesn’t mean I feel good all the time.

It means I have learned to be present with my emotions regardless of what they are and can still approach my life and business from a grounded, rather than triggered, space.

So why do the hard emotions still happen even when we know how to do the inner work? Even when a lot of things are awesome in my life? Aren’t we supposed to get rid of them so we can feel better? Aren't they supposed to go away as we heal?

No. The goal ISN’T to feel better.

The goal is to understand them better, to feel them better, to have a better relationship WITH them - and that leads to eventually feeling better over time.

Your environment is always shifting. People are always coming and going. New challenges always pop up. We’re not robots.

So we will continue till the day we die to have stressful, challenging, hard emotional days/weeks/months/etc.

Your most extraordinary possible transformation depends entirely on whether or not you learn to trust yourself to be okay… when you’re not feeling okay.

And that's the muscle I'm here to help you build.

XOXO Ashley R.

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