What Clients Tell Me About Your Business Coaching Program

“If felt like she blamed it on my mindset”

“I didn’t feel safe to tell him I was struggling”

“There were so many other people in the program, I felt invisible”

“I knew what to do but I couldn’t implement because I was afraid”

(Things I’ve heard your clients say about their experience inside your strategy programs)

I know you know certain people are less likely to be successful than others in your business related program.

Those who are highly sensitive, introverted, spiritual etc.

So either 1 of 2 things needs to happen:

- - - > You stop signing those people in…

- - - > You learn how to support them better and give them a better shot at being successful.

I don’t know about you but I’m more fond of choice #2.

These struggles happen partly because you’re ignoring an intuitive nudge to help them and partly because they aren’t communicating better how much they struggle mentally/emotionally in your program.

I know you care about their success.

And I know you SEE room for improvement.

I can teach you to better support them and I can teach them to better support themselves.

But you have to be willing to make a shift and let me peek inside.

Emotional Intelligence is the feminine energy your masculine program needs. More info in the comments below.


Ashley R.

- - - - -

$155 per client, per month. That's all it costs right now to bring me into to your group program and help you deeply support your clients.

This gets you:

- - - > 1 proven and tested emotional agility assessment + session with me to analyze and discuss the results for you and each of your clients.

- - - > Unlimited Voice/text access to coaching and support for your clients around mindset/EQ related struggles that come up during your program.

- - - > A pre-recorded training custom to your program and your client's needs as decided by you and I.

- - - > Best of all? Peace of mind and freedom to breath deeper knowing a skilled coach is helping your client's be successful in the areas that are not your zone of genius.

At 3 months we will discuss whether or not this has truly been an asset to you and you're free to bow out if it isn't a good fit. No hard feelings.

At 6 months if you're loving it and so am I - I will re-evaluate the investment and discuss with you. Truthfully since this is such a new offer I don't quite have a feel yet for what price point feels abundant for us both.

Right now - I'm just happy to start small and support my first few clients in a high caliber way to build my way up. For your high ticket offer - I want it to feel like a no-brainer. Again, we can talk about group trainings, sessions or additional support as needed. Obviously not everyone is a fit. There's a few things I need to know about you and your program first.

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