New Offer to Support Your Clients with EQ

I’m looking for 1-3 strategy related coaches with established programs who LOVE the idea of allowing me to support YOUR clients and significantly increasing their success + enjoyment of the process.

Sound interesting? This is a rare and very affordable option to increase the value of your program AND your success rates.

It’s something I do for one of my clients who helps private practice owners scale their business and I absolutely love it.

If you're honest - you want to bring in an expert on mindset/emotional intelligence for your clients AND energetically release yourself from a lot of the emotional support they need and require to get the best possible outcome in your program.

You resonate with my content and know the kind of support I offer can help them really create results in a way that feels good.

PLUS. - what a valuable incentive to add to your program and increase the likelihood of good outcomes!

Your clients need someone they can trust and communicate with when they’re struggling, and wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t always you? It’s time to expand their support network with someone who’s an expert at this kind of coaching AND free your own energy.

So how does it work?

My approach is 3-fold. You get:

1. A custom pre-recorded training to support every client new & old that comes into your program.

You know your clients best. Where do they most often fall short? What conversations do you find yourself having over and over again? What questions are you always answering? What are the tools you wish they would lean on before asking for your support/advice? We can hash it out together and create something that helps them know exactly what to do when they’re struggling so they can rely on you less and know exactly how to regulate themselves first.

2. Emotional Agility Assessment + Coaching Session with me for you AND your clients to shine a light on your emotional strengths and weaknesses as it directly relates to the outcome you want.

Did you know EQ can be measured? I offer an evaluation of the five key skills proven to be essential for an optimally successful and fulfilling life. EQ has been shown to be twice as important as IQ and technical skills for workplace success and it accounts for 90% of performance outcomes in top leadership positions. This assesment helps both you and your client visually see their strengths and weaknesses and therefore make it much easier for you to support them. No more trying to "guess" where they're struggling in their mindset.

3. Unlimited Voice/Text Support with an expert mindset/EQ coach for your clients.

Your clients come to you for the strategy but let them come to me for hiqh-quality emotional support that helps them commit to the strategy better. I know how to deeply support them through voice/text without letting it cross my personal boundaries. I know how to hold them accountable in a gentle way that requires them to get honest about what’s really holding them back. I genuinely care about their success and yours. I will treat them as my very own clients.

For most this is a great place to start. But we can also talk about adding these options as needed .

- - - > Group training and support in your paid program. - - - > Individual sessions for your clients as needed or on a regular basis. - - - > Individual Sessions for you as a leader who is working on themselves.

If we make great partners, & you truly see the value this brings to your clients and yourself- you may be someone I’m interested in growing with long-term.

Obviously this is a very custom and space is limited to only those I truly feel I can help to be successful.

As I said previously my goal right now is to make this very affordable as it's a new offer I'm excited to grow/tweak.

My client, Char Watson (Creator of the DOO program for private practice owners who want to scale) says, "I HIGHLY recommend having Ashley as part of your client's journey! It has been a game-changer for my clients!"

Reach out directly or drop a 5 for more details. I'll ask you a few questions and we'll have a no pressure conversation to see if it's a good fit for us both.


Ashley R.

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