Mindset Vs. Emotional Intelligence

When I began coaching 5 years ago “mindset” was everything.

Every single program I joined had a section of their course dedicated to “mindset” because we were realizing strategy wasn’t enough for most people to be successful.

Journal! Think positive thoughts! Say your affirmations! BELIEVE that you are worthy of success!

But over and over again I saw truly brilliant coaches let their “mindset” get in the way of creating a successful business.

I remember thinking to myself… “this is dumb”. You can’t just change your thoughts. You can’t just sprinkle some affirmations onto a really shitty childhood and expect years of limiting beliefs to just … disappear.

Not only that - most coaches I worked with had NO IDEA how to do mindset work with me. No idea how to coach me through the deep-seeded beliefs that kept me small and quiet.

I remember how dumbfounded and surprised I was when I realized most coaches WEREN’T coaching. They put information into a box, charged you a lot of money for it, pretended like they knew how to help you be successful, and then hoped you would get good results.

Then they marketed those great results when 85% of their other clients were still struggling (I know it’s still happening).

I just paid $10k for that? And that? And that?!

As a leader who cares about their people I'm sure you agree it's IMPERATIVE that we’re not just giving our clients a strategy....We aren’t just telling them how to do mindset work and HOPING they will be successful.

There’s a HUGE difference between “mindset” and emotional intelligence.

We have to teach our clients how to have a positive relationship with their emotions so they don’t hide, avoid, or jump ship in the process of working towards the results they want.

We also have to teach leaders how to set their egos aside and be accountable for the results they’re helping clients to achieve.

Plenty of people are great at mindset work and suck at having a good relationship with their emotions and therefore suck at creating results or truly enjoying the success they're creating.

Mindset is in the head.

Emotional intelligence lives in the body and shows us how to stick with the process even when it feels really hard.

Since I’m kind of a rare bird, I’m just going to guess EQ is not in your zone of genius.

If your clients are amazing and have a higher-mission, like mine, please do them a solid and find a way to support them on a deeper level so THEY CAN get the results you promise.

You will find ZERO blame, shame, or judgment from me. We aren’t taught how to hold a safe emotional space for ourselves, let alone others.

We have been conditioned in this industry to blame the clients for poor results. And the client’s you’re choosing matters, but there’s more responsibility to be had on your side too.

Reach out and let’s talk have a conversation around where you can support your clients better.


Ashley R.


How I can support you:

  • One to One Coaching For Mission-Driven Leaders: As a leader, transformation starts and stops with you. I provide high-level individual coaching to dive deeper into your personal and professional struggles and help you begin the practice of EQ from the inside-out.

  • EQ Training and Support For Team Members and Clients: Mindset is just as important as strategy but it's probably not your zone of genius. EQ goes even deeper and allows for a whole new level of transformation. I can provide custom training and support based on what your clients or team needs the most.

  • EQ Consulting: Need to brainstorm a custom solution from the perspective of EQ? Let's have a conversation about how I can best support you and your goals.

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