Knowing Better vs. BEING Better: How to Bridge the Gap

(Read entire post for a journal prompt at the bottom that will kick your ass)

Something I hear from clients (and catch myself saying) ALL THE TIME?

“I should know better.”

Women who lead LOVE to say this when they don’t follow through on self care, when they struggle with boundaries or when they get triggered by something in their business/career.

But I invite you to remember there’s a huge difference between knowing better and BEING better.

Of course you know better.

You’ve read the books, done the meditations, hired the mentors and overcome a whole lot to get where you are.

You’re damn smart. That’s why you read my stuff. ;)

And you already have a ton of EQ practice under your belt whether or not you’re consciously practicing.

But being better means putting what you “know” into practice… and experiencing it.

Not just talking about it. Not judging yourself for not doing it.

BEING better means working through the hard feelings, not avoiding them. Returning to situations you responded to poorly and making it right.

Let go of all the energy you’re spending in shame and guilt and judgment for repeating an old pattern or letting a trigger get the best of you.

And put that energy into BEING who you want to be right now instead.

In the most simple way I can describe it, this is done by just letting yourself feel the yucky feelings that come up as you allow yourself to DO what you KNOW.

As you practice the doing of it, you'll learn what works for you and what doesn't. You'll learn how to commit to what's reasonable for you at this stage of life and business.

But you can't get there unless you're willing to DO it.

Want a journal prompt that will kick your ass and help you BE better?

“What kind of results can I expect to receive if I continue BEING a person who neglects my needs or emotions? Or continue to not do what I know to do?"

You’re welcome.

You know the answers. Practice doing them.


Ashley R.

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