A Cure for Overwhelm

Overwhelm is simply fear of the future. The cure to overwhelm is releasing the imaginary control you think you have over the future and bringing your energy back into the NOW.

Have you ever been soooo stressed out about something that you finally surrendered it, and decided…”Fuck it, I’m doing my best and there’s nothing else I can do.”?

… only to get exactly what you wanted/needed immediately after you let that pressure go?

Happens to me all the time!

But why does that happen like that???

BECAUSE the moment you release control you create space for trust. And trust can only exist in the present moment.

All that mental/emotional energy you spend in overwhelm (fear of the future) takes away the energy you need to be fully present here and now.

Your lack of presence in the here and now is the only thing that can screw up your future results.

NOW is the only thing you have any actual control over.

NOW is the only thing you get to enjoy or experience to the fullest.

Do you have influence and power over future results?


But those results have the greatest potential for success when you are fully connected to who you’re BEING right now.

Get my point?

Okay Ashley, I get it, but how do I practice staying in the NOW?

- - - > By bringing your mental focus back to the room you’re in.

Look at your feet. Where are you standing? Be in this room. Look at the room. Who is with you? Be with that person. Look at the project on your computer. What are you working on? Be invested in that project.

What is your mission TODAY? Just today. That’s all you get. Stay connected to THAT. And use your boundaries to protect TODAY’S mission.

The more you do this, the more you will find a deep satisfaction in the results you’re creating in your life and business.

Amazing results are not created by worrying about the future. They are created by being fully present in the now.

An emotionally intelligent leader knows true power lives in presence.

XOXO Ashley R.

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