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10 Powerful Self Coaching Questions + Mini Course on How to Journal for Personal Growth

Love journaling and want to use it to reach your goals? The next best thing to great coaching is intentional journaling. But most people aren't doing in a way that actually helps them create true-self awareness and personal growth.


Journaling the right way, is a POWERFUL tool. Let me teach you. You'll get:

A Mini Course on Intentional Journaling. This includes my trainings on: How to Journal, Manifestation Journaling, Money Mindset & Manifestation AND my unique formula for journaling and self coaching called The CAAT process.

I've got some old trainings laying around on journaling from a course I ran a few years ago. My clients LOVED them and I thought they shouldn't go to waste. So here you go. I promise they are pretty short and super interesting.


Intentional Journaling Prompts to Start Your Self Reflection Journey.

Sometimes it's hard to come up with your own prompts. Don't worry, I've got you covered with the TOP 10 coaching questions/journal prompts that have helped my clients have HUGE aha moments. Do the course and then answer the questions for best results.

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