High Level Coaching and Energy Healing
for Established Professional Women

Hey, I'm Ashley. 

I'm a personal productivity coach and energy healer for high level women business owners and career professionals who are feeling drained and overworked but want to SHIFT into more joy, impact, and income.

Unfortunately, most driven women avoid doing the "inner work" like the plague because they think it subtracts from their productivity. And that means, at a deeper more subconscious level, subtracts from their worth.

“Who am I if I’m not DOING something valuable for other people?” And, "If I'm not DOING something all the time, how can I possibility continue to achieve results?"


Sound familiar?




Because an unwillingness to feel your emotions... an unwillingness to know the unwillingness to slow unwillingness to trust that inner wisdom and create a connection with something/someone bigger than you...

Well, that only leads to chaos, burnout, toxic relationships, illness, and a lack of connection to your deepest, truest purpose and often roller-coaster type results in your business.

I see it every time I sign a new client and if you're still reading this, you probably feel it, too.

Maybe half the time you are freaking great at taking action and getting results... even bringing incredible, much-needed change to this world and making a consistent 4-5 figures per month.





And what does it matter if you don't truly trust in yourself to do it again?

Mindset work is only ONE dimension of awareness. The next is truly breaking down your patterns of sabotage at the subconscious level, then feeling and healing the stuck physical energy in your body so you can bring in more of what you desire to experience (which I'm sure is a whole lot more than the money).

When will you give yourself permission to rest and be still? When will you choose to spend that time with YOU? When will you choose to listen to and trust your own internal wisdom and move towards what your heart truly desires?

I'm talking about mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom. I'm talking about navigating your life and your business with the highest level of emotional intelligence.

Controlling less. Trusting more.

The thing is, if you KNOW all the strategy, and you've done a ton of Mindset work, but something isn't shifting... We have to go deeper.

But what the f*ck is it for if you don't feel GOOD doing it?

Susan Crawford

"I had the privilege of working with Ashley and in a surprisingly short amount of time her strategies and expertise helped me solidify my signature program offer, do a complete 180 on my money mindset and position me to ask for my value - unapologetically. If you are looking for a powerful mindset coach, I highly recommend working with Ashley. She is amazing."

- Susan Crawford (Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Consultant)

"I've been in practice for almost 15 years. Have worked with many business coaches, have always expanded my skill sets, have always looked for the next step or next development in my ideas/vision/practices...I have never in 15 years taken this amount of time to really look inward and focus on my negative belief systems and how they have been holding me back. My business is solid and has been ready I just haven't known exactly what my message was or how to put it out there in the most genuine way possible so that stays true to who I am until now."

- Tina Fike (Pro Fitness Coach and Nutritionist)

Tina Fike
Jenn Potter

"I have been working with Ashley 1:1 for approximately 8 weeks. In that amount of time I have made more progress with my mindset and moved past more mental blocks that I have with several YEARS of therapy! If you are ready to move forward with your business...and your life...I can't recommend her enough!" - Jenn Potter (EMT, Health and Nutrition Coach)

Results my clients create include...

- - - >  Higher-level clients and incredible business opportunities

- - - > Improved close relationships and/or surrender of toxic relationships

- - - > Weightloss, more energy, and overall better feeling in the body

- - - > Immense clarity and alignment in their business

- - - > Finally letting go of soul-sucking jobs and embracing their business full-time

- - - > Best financial months/years ever

- - - > Feelings of peace, calm, and deep internal satisfaction (isn't that what we're all actually seeking?)

I don't offer a cookie-cutter program with a cookie-cutter outcome. Your desires and your struggles are as unique as your DNA. These results depend on where you're starting from and where you're ready for your life and business to expand. They are not a result of strategy or DOING more but instead of embodying the art of TRUST and allowing more intentional time in the moment. We will be operating from the assumption that you already know what to do to create the results you want, you're just not trusting yourself to do it.

You might be ready to work with me if...

- - - > You're doing well in your business or career and you've already worked with other mindset and marketing coaches but are tired of surface-level work.

- - - > You know strategy isn't the answer at this point in journey. You're ready to go deeper and build an internal connection of trust with yourself so you can experience more and control less.

- - - > You're open-minded, coachable, and so tired of getting in your own way and repeating old patterns.

- - - > You're ready and willing to FEEL the icky emotions you've bottled inside and release them to create space for the good ones.

- - - > You take full responsibility for your life and career but are ready to give yourself more love, grace, and kindness so that a SHIFT is truly possible.


There's NOTHING wrong with you and asking for help is step #1.

Even the most transformational and financially successful leaders are often terrible leaders of themselves and struggle to fully enjoy the success they've created. Despite all the noise you hear online about mindset and spirituality, few coaches actually know how to help you shift on a quantum level. I do, and it's so much deeper than simply repeating a daily self-care routine.

The ultimate goal?

- - - > Uncover subconscious patterns and rewire your thoughts to help you take more aligned action.

- - - > Energetically heal unresolved emotions (even if you're not good at feelings) and unlearn the "rules" you've been taught you have to follow in order to be successful.

- - - > Unf*ck your brain and gain the confidence and courage to live life and build business YOUR way.

- - - > Fully enjoy what you've already created and finally open yourself up for even more.

Roxanne Irion

"Ashley IS the "Coaching Yoda". She has guided me through a transformation of self, that was completely unexpected. Ashley has a gifted sense of knowing what it is I needed to grow at just the right time. In a very short period of time, I have moved from not fully trusting myself and my abilities to finding courage, growing confidence and becoming visible like I never thought possible. She is my people and I am forever grateful for our time together and the foundation she helped me establish to succeed for myself and my business."

- Roxanne Irion (Esthetician, Holistic Wellness Coach)

"Ashley is a gifted listener and healer...After meeting with Ashley for a few months, I have been able to effectively communicate my needs and enforce my boundaries. I have found greater fulfillment in my life and my work. I'm actually making more money. I'm more present with my children. I'm learning to love the other adults in my life better by enforcing my boundaries and thereby protecting those relationships. Building resentment by ignoring my own needs wasn't allowing for any of that. I'll be forever grateful for my time with Ashley and the friendship we've formed. If you don't know if she's the right fit for you, ask her. She will help you figure out what is right for you without pressure or manipulation. I know, because that is exactly what she did for me

- Annii Cope Pendergraph (Data Engineer, Entrepreneur)


Are you in?

If your soul calling you to do some deeper work, if you're tired of feeling like you're on the hampster wheel, and if you feel like this could be exactly what you need to reach the next level of success...let's talk about whether or not I can help you get there.


My calls are always relaxed and no-pressure. I want YOU to decide what's best for you.


Ashley R.

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