Ashley Rainsbarger, Founder of The Wiser Life, LLC.

 "I care about helping you create IMPACT, CONNECTION, & RESULTS through the power of EQ."


My Mission

I believe by creating  emotionally intelligent leaders, I am helping to create an emotionally safer world. In my opinion, it's a lack of emotional safely to blame for a majority of the world's conflict and unhappiness. I know I can't save the world by myself, but I can coach, teach & guide others on the power of EQ so they can lead and guide others from a much more grounded (rather than triggered) space. Imagine the impact, connection, and results we could create if we led with emotional intelligence.

My Story

Despite growing up in very traumatizing and chaotic circumstances I graduated from college, had a family, and did all the things I was supposed to do. I worked corporate jobs and eventually began teaching in public education.  But no matter what I accomplished externally I still felt internally like my scared 11 year old self. When I got tired of working for other people who didn't lead me well, I started my coaching entrepreneur journey.

As a coach I explored mindset, new age spirituality, & business strategy. I was surrounded by toxic positivity, spiritual bypassing and promises of unimaginable results in my life and business. But whenever I entered a program it was almost never as good as the marketing made it seem. I struggled to overcome my introversion and I had a hard time marketing because I didn't want to promise the grand results everyone else did. Despite all the talk of "success mindset" in these programs, I found very few coaches who actually knew how to help me at a deeper level.

As I began to explore the modality of energy healing I finally learned that mindset was all about the HEAD, but emotional intelligence lived in the body. The more I was able to cultivate a healthy and positive relationship with ALL my emotions, the more I loved and accepted myself, the more I could be honest about what I truly wanted and could allow myself to be okay with the hard feelings as they showed up on my journey. I began to find so much clarity in my work and I was able to truly coach my clients through the struggles they felt as they worked to achieve their desires.

I saw better results in my life and business, I gained confidence as a leader, and I began helping my clients do the same.

Emotional Intelligence is like this beautiful, wonderful thing that you had no idea you needed until it finally showed up for you.

It empowers us to be truly honest about what we desire in this life AND to feel the hard feelings without making it mean anything "bad" about us.

EQ is the gift I am most proud to give others.


Ashley R.