Empowering Mission-Driven Leaders to Create Higher Levels of Impact, Connection & Results Through Emotional Intelligence

Hey, I'm Ashley. 

I'm an EQ coach and consultant for mission-driven leaders who want to create higher levels of impact, connection & results through the power of emotional intelligence.

“Great leaders don’t manage results. Great leaders manage the energy from which they are leading their people and know the results will inevitably follow.”  - Me. I said that.  :)

- - - - > You are a leader who truly cares about the well-being of the people you lead.

- - - - >  You want to support your team & your clients effectively, you want them to feel fulfilled in their work, AND you want to make sure everyone is doing their best to get incredible results.

As a leader, you realize mindset is a HUGE part of the success equation. You're a high achiever but you don't feel confident managing the emotions of the people who look to you for support.

Achieving amazing results AND making sure everyone is happy - seems like an impossible task.

You're not sure how to respond when your people struggle and secretly you wish they could be more like you - and just  "get it done".

Listen, there’s no shame. All highly-productive individuals can relate to this struggle. Soft skills are not most people’s zone of genius. Lucky for you, it’s mine.

You’re not a “bad” leader. We’re not taught how to hold a safe emotional space for ourselves, let alone other people.

When strong emotions arise - it’s our first instinct to jump ship, avoid the issue or react from a triggered space.

But if you care about being a more conscious leader - and you care about the work you do in this world - you know it’s time to get better at emotional intelligence (EQ).

You know EQ is a huge factor in not only having success, but FEELING successful. You want that experience for yourself & everyone you support.

Good news - EQ is a skill that can be measured and learned. As a leader you can learn to lead from a more emotionally intelligent space and you can guide your team and your clients to create better results for themselves and for your company.

Susan Crawford

"I had the privilege of working with Ashley and in a surprisingly short amount of time her strategies and expertise helped me solidify my signature program offer, do a complete 180 on my money mindset and position me to ask for my value - unapologetically. If you are looking for a powerful mindset coach, I highly recommend working with Ashley. She is amazing."

- Susan Crawford

Owner, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker & Consultant at Meraki Inspired

Here's How I Can Help:

  • One to One Coaching For Mission-Driven Leaders: As a leader, transformation starts and stops with you. I provide high-level individual coaching to dive deeper into your personal and professional struggles and help you begin the practice of EQ from the inside-out so it can move from the top down.

  • EQ Training and Support For Team Members and Clients: Mindset is just as important as strategy but it's probably not your zone of genius. EQ goes even deeper and allows for a whole new level of transformation. I can provide custom training and support based on what your clients or team needs the most.

  • EQ Consulting: Need to brainstorm a custom solution from the perspective of EQ? Let's have a conversation about how I can best support you and your goals.


It's not what we do. It's the energy behind WHY we do it.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs calls it being a "Chief Energy Officer." Most people are really unconscious of the energy they are putting out into the world. Next-level success, for you and those you lead, depends on the ability to have a healthy, positive relationship with ALL our emotions and showing up from a much more conscious, aligned space.

Emotional Intelligence doesn't mean feeling good ALL THE TIME. Believing we should feel good all the time is part of the problem.

You can't be human and achieve that outcome. When you have a healthy and positive relationship with ALL your emotions you are approaching life and business from a much more grouned (rather than triggered) space.

There's NOTHING wrong with you and asking for help is step #1.

Even the most transformational and financially successful leaders are often terrible leaders of themselves and struggle to fully enjoy the success they've created or lead from a truly successful mindset. Despite all the noise you hear online about mindset and emotions, few thought-leaders actually know how to help you shift an an internal level. I do, and it's so much deeper than simply repeating a daily self-care routine.


"Ashley has brought a deeper level to individual growth and development. Her guidance is always with so much love and honesty! I’m so grateful to have had her as my coach and my clients mindset coach as well!"

- Char Watson

Founder of The CEO Doctor, and Creator of The Providers DOO Certification Program

What now?

I believe in mindful-selling and putting relationships first. Book your call or send me a message to connect and let's talk about whether or not I can help you reach your goals.


Ashley R.