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"Heal the internal chaos so you can get better external results."

Virtual Coaching with Ashley Rainsbarger

Meet Ashley

Certified Health & Life Coach, Certified Quantum Energy Healer

When I began coaching over 5 years ago “mindset” was everything.


Every single program I joined or coach I hired, had a section of their course dedicated to “mindset” because we were realizing plain strategy wasn’t enough for most people to be successful.


What I Specialize In:

Mindset & Personal Growth


Work Life Balance

Emotional Intelligence


Energy Healing


"Mindset lives in the head. Emotional Intelligence lives in the body." - Ashley R.

"Ashley has brought a deeper level to individual growth and development. Her guidance is always with so much love and honesty! I’m so grateful to have had her as my coach and my clients mindset coach as well!"

- Char Watson, Founder of The CEO Doctor

"As someone who’s hired many coaches, I can honestly say that Ashely is one of the best mindset coaches in the industry. She just gets it and cut straight to the core of my blocks and blindspots so I could take massive action in my business."

- Morgen Ruth, Relationship Coach

"Ashley is a gifted listener and healer...After meeting with Ashley for a few months, I have been able to effectively communicate my needs and enforce my boundaries. I have found greater fulfillment in my life and my work."

- Anni Cope Pendergraph, Owner of Pendergraph Bookkeeping

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An incredible future starts by creating a more conscious NOW.


Let's Talk.

The first conversation is always free. I value relationships first. Let's have a no-pressure conversation and determine if I'm the best person to support you.

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